IMAR is structured as a network of centers, which form the scientific core of the Institute. The relationship between the different entities which make up IMAR is shown above.

IMAR’s members constitute the General Assembly, which convenes at an Annual General Meeeting. The Institute is managed by a Board of Directors, elected every three years under the provisions of the Institute’s statutes, and financial management is overseen by a Fiscal Council. The Institute’s books are kept by a certified accountant, and the accounts are externally audited and approved by the Council, prior to presentation at the A.G.M.

The composition of the IMAR management for 2006-2009 was as follows:

Board of Directors:

President of IMAR:
Prof. R. Serrão Santos (U. Azores)


Prof. J.C. Marques (University of Coimbra)
Prof. Manuel Graça (University of Coimbra)
Prof. O. Ferreira (University of the Algarve)

Other directors:
Prof. Eduardo Isidro (IMAR-DOP, U. Açores)
Prof. João Gomes Ferreira (IMAR-CMA, F.C.T., U. Nova Lisboa)
Doutor. Manuel Biscoito (IMAR-Madeira Municipal Museum)
Prof. Ramiro Neves (I.S.T., U. Técnica Lisboa)
Prof. Gui Menezes (IMAR-DOP, U. Açores)

General Assembly:

President: João Pedroso de Lima (IMAR-CMA, F.C.T., U. Coimbra)
1st Secretary: Pedro Proença da Cunha (IMAR-CMA, F.C.T., U. Coimbra)
2nd Secretary: Maria Helena Costa (IMAR-CMA, F.C.T., U. Nova Lisboa)

Fiscal Council:

President: Maria João Bebianno (U. Algarve)
Secretary: Rui Ribeiro (IMAR-CMA, F.C.T., U. Coimbra)
Rapporteur: Ricardo Araújo (Madeira Municipal Museum)